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Therapy vs. Coaching FAQs

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


Unsure which is the best fit for you?  Here is a brief primer:


Coaching and therapy sessions focus on very different kinds os problems.

Therapy is a good fit for you you if: 

-You have a mental health issue that prevents you from functioning effectively on a daily basis.

-You have significant past trauma that is unresolved.  

-You struggle with substance abuse, an eating disorder or other kinds of addictions.

-You struggle to focus on the present and the future because issues from the past keep getting in the way.

Coaching is a good fit for you if:

-You want to address your goals for the future and you have a specific barrier that you need to overcome.

-You want help identifying strengths, passions, interests and strategies to help you move into a new chapter in your life.

-You want to grow in one or more areas of your life and want to increase your self-confidence.

-You are ready to actively work on making real significant concrete change in your life.

If you are still unsure whether therapy or coaching is the best fit for you, please contact me via phone or email and we can discuss your needs and what would work best for you at this time.

© 2021 Stacey Bona, Psy.D, C.N.C.

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