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 Client Services

All therapy and coaching services are provided via telehealth. 

Telehealth sessions are provided through a private and secure internet-based server.  You are able to meet with me via video in the comfort of a setting of your choosing which eliminates the extra hassles of having to drive to an office, navigate parking and sit in a waiting room.

I will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs. Whether the focus is short-term treatment for the relief of acute stressors or longer-term exploration of deeper issues, we will work together to create goals that will best fit your situation. 

I specialize in treatment for depression and anxiety, relationship issues and life stressors. I utilize aspects of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, and incorporate mindfulness strategies to promote increased coping with stress. In addition, I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and can provide help in making nutrition and behavior changes.


Packages are offered for three, six or twelve months and include individual weekly sessions as well as contact via email as much as needed throughout the week.  The extent to which we work together is entirely up to you.  Scheduled by you and based on your needs, we will conduct an initial session to determine your goals and set an action plan to get you on track to achieving them.  In follow-up sessions we will identify barriers and stumbling blocks to your success and develop specific strategies to keep the momentum of your success going.  We will adjust your action plan and set specific goals, and we will utilize measures to track your progress so that you can build on what is already working.

I accept one-on-one clients on a very limited basis, so you can be sure I am committed to your success and that you have my fullest attention.

For more information on the differences between coaching and therapy, please see the Therapy vs. Coaching page.

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